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The firm allows you to create your company in only one trip to Tunisia (No travel when there is a banking agreement) in a record time of 48 hours for APII agreement and 48 hours for legal procedure after having transferred the share capital. The firm recommends you the best tax regime and legal status. The investment can take the following forms:

Start an offshore company or resident and limited company in Tunisia

To simplify administrative procedures and reduce steps related to the legal constitution of a company, the Tunisian authorities have set up the “ONE STOP DESK” located at APII. This one-stop desk consists of all administrations involved in the legal procedure. Concerning the offshore regime we advise on all aspects of change management in relation to the circular BCT.

Set-up a permanent establishment in Tunisia

Verify before signing a contract in Tunisia that it is not a permanent establishment subject to the local accounting and tax rules. Generally we are considered as a permanent establishment in Tunisia:

1 / whenever a building site, temporary assembly project or supervisory activities in connection therewith, have a duration greater than 6 months

2 / or when these activities following the sale of equipment, have a term greater than three months and that the installation or monitoring costs exceed 10% of the price of equipment. The company is subject to ordinary taxes.

NGO, branch and Joint venture

The firm also specializes in registration of  associations and Non-Governmental Organizations NGO and supports their legal, accounting and tax obligations in accordance with Tunisian NGO and tax laws.

Also  we have the know-how to set-up joint-venture or a branch that are covered by a specific system and special procedure that we can manage perfectly.

Creation of oil and gas companies

The office is an expert in creation of oil and gas companies and oil services

Creation of trade companies for foreigners

The firm specializes in the creation of commercial and trading companies for foreigners. This procedure is very special and involves the percentage 49% for foreigners and 51% for a Tunisian with the obligation to have a Tunisian manager. This procedure requires an approval of the BCT.

Commercial companies with a foreign participation greater than 49% are subject to a special authorization with trade card.

Create your company in Tunisia
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