The office is an accredited auditor of the Fair Labor Association (U.S.A) and the Fair Wear Foundation (Netherlands).

Expert of Social Audit

We are expert in social audit and Leads auditor of the Fair Labor Association (USA) and certified auditor of the Fair Wear Foundation (Netherlands). We operate in North Africa including Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

We certify that companies comply with, the Code of Conduct of brands, the ILO International Labour Organisation standards and the local law.

BAC/CKF operates audits to verify the compliance of the firm with different social aspects :

  • » Health and safety
  • » Child labour
  • » Violence and harassment
  • » Freedom of association
  • » Discrimination
  • » Minimum wage
  • » Excessive overtime.

BAC develops an audit methodology based on different levels of information ressources:

  • » Interviews with management and staff
  • » Interviews with workers
  • » Documents inspections like payrolls workers files and working hours
  • » Inspection of health and safety envirment.

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